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Shelf Life 

How long do the choux last and how should I store them? 

The choux are really fresh and best enjoyed on day of purchase but delicious the day after as well.  Store them in the fridge. 

What can I freeze? 

You can freeze the cookies, but not the choux.  To defrost the cookies, take them out and rewarm them in the oven at 100 degrees Celsius for 10- 15 minutes.

How long do the cookies last and how should I store them?

The cookies are best fresh but can be kept for 4 days.  Store them in an airtight container at room temperature.  You can also chose to re-warm them in the oven at 100 degrees Celsius for five minutes so the chocolate melts! 


Do you deliver? 

Yes, we deliver! Visit our page on delivery options to find out all the possible solutions. 

Do you offer nationwide delivery? 

We currently do not offer nationwide delivery, but we are working on it! Follow us on social media to stay updated for when we launch nationwide delivery!

Can I pick up? 

Absolutely, visit our page on delivery options to find out more. 


Do you do vegan cakes? 

We currently offer a few vegan cakes, contact us to find out if we can make a vegan cake for you. 

Are your pastries gluten free? 

Our pastries are not gluten free but we have a few gluten free products.  Please note we work in a kitchen which handles gluten. 

Are your pastries nut free? 

Many of our products are nut free, and when we use nuts this will be in the title and description of the pastry.  

Are your pastries kosher? 

We have no formal certification that our products are kosher, however we use no gelatine in our pastries so they are kosher.  

Are your pastries suitable for those with allergies? 

Choux contain: Gluten, milk, egg. Many flavour options contain nuts, peanut or sesame and soya (found in chocolate)

Cookies and Cakes contain: cereals containing gluten, milk, egg, nuts, sesame. Some flavours contain soya, nuts or peanut. 

Please note we bake in a kitchen which handles cereals containing gluten, milk, egg, nuts, sesame, peanut, soya and alcohol. For this reason we cannot guarantee an absence of trace of allergens. 

Are your products vegetarian? 

Yes, everything is baked in a vegetarian kitchen and we use no gelatine whatsoever. 


Can you add a Happy Birthday Message?

We can add a chocolate Happy Birthday plaque, this is an extra cost of £5.  You can also chose to add a note (for free) which we will hand write for you.