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Choux Towers and Croquembouche

Choux towers are a wonderful centrepiece for any wedding, birthday or special event.  We are able to offer a different variety of choux towers, based on your preference.  Our most popular design is one we created ourself, which is choux held on with biscuit plates and layered on top of one another.  We are able to make these from a minimum of 25 up to 80 choux.  We suggest 2-3 flavours which compliment each other, as each tower is decorated with fresh fruits, flowers, meringue and chocolate decoration, depending on the flavours. 

We are also able to create larger towers such as croquembouche or choux on a large cone for a higher and bigger effect.  These work well for larger weddings as they create a centrepiece which is grand and luxurious.  Contact us for more options.